Peter, Tom in West Portal EditedIt doesn’t matter if it’s a design/build project, a buried pipeline, a complex vault structure or a communications duct — good project management is behind the success of any construction project.

Our strategy to manage any project is to implement a partnered approach to all aspects of the performance of the work. This involves continual input and feedback from the project team. In addition our entire team is responsible for keeping the project on budget, and maintaining the project schedule.

Our project management system integrates several aspects of construction management including:


  • Cost / Risk Analysis
  • Bidding
  • Budgeting
  • Health & Safety
  • Teaming Efforts
  • Subcontract Initiation/Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • QA / QC



Our proven management approach includes preparation of a detailed Project Work Plan at the onset that will clearly define project goals, requirements and objectives, and the individual roles and responsibilities of each team member. The plan will clearly delineate lines of communication, work deliverable expectations, detailed task descriptions, budgets and project schedules showing the critical path and milestone dates. It also includes a quality assurance/ quality control (QA/QC) program for the project. This tool used by each team member is our “internal contract” for the performance of the work. We use this proven approach on all our projects to build a strong and productive team, to streamline communications, to adhere to the schedule and budget, and to achieve the objective of each task.