Nunes Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Project

Project Details

The Nunes Water Treatment Plant is one of two plants that serve the scenic town of Half Moon Bay. The Plant treats 4.5 MGD. This project involves critical upgrades which will allow the plant to keep up with increased demand. Some of the work that is included:

Civil Site Improvements including the construction of AC pavement, excavation and regrading of existing hillside to construct a retaining wall and plate settler sedimentation basin. Construction of a soil nail retaining wall with stained concrete finish, construction of an aggregate base access road. Drainage improvements including surface ditches, storm water drains and foundation drains. Site grading improvements, new fire hydrant on the raw water pipe. Influent and effluent piping, installation of Plate Settler and Sludge Control System.

Filtration System Improvements. Underdrain replacement, filter media replacement, addition of media air scour system including horizontal centrifugal blower. Addition of Filter-to-Waste pumps and piping. Existing filter system valve replacement and addition of new valves. New flow meters downstream of the filters. Caustic Soda Bulk Tank System. New Caustic soda chemical storage tank, new skid mounted transfer pump and an emergency shower and eyewash assembly. Clearwell exterior and interior concrete repair and new elastomeric polyurethane coating.

Project Info

Status: Current

Client Type:


Coastside County Water District



HDR Inc.