60-Inch Brick Interceptor Replacement – Phase 1B

San Jose, CA


City of San Jose


Brown and Caldwell

Construction Manager:

City of San Jose

Contract Value:


Project Description:

This project included the removal of 2,133 LF Dual 45” RCP, 1,742 LF of 60″” “brick” sewer, 40 LF 84-inch abandoned RCP (north of Hwy 237), Abandonment of 3,080 LF of 60-inch “brick” sewer, Removal of 80 LF 84″ abandoned RCP (south of Hwy 237), Construction of 6,612 LF of 84″” RCP by open cut, installation of 50 LF of 90″ RCP, 2,412 LF of 84″ reinforced concrete cylinder pipe by tunneling, 16 new manholes in new & existing sewers & storm drains, R&R or abandonment of existing storm drains and facilities. It also included street paving & replacement of damaged services, sewer flow/control diversion, traffic control, signal & street lighting modifications, and reconnection of active sanitary sewer laterals.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Sewer Transmission,
Client Type: City, San Jose,