Alternative Intake – Victoria Canal Conveyance Pipeline

Victoria Island, CA


Contra Costa Water District


Brown & Caldwell

Construction Manager:

Contra Costa Water District

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Project Description:

This project was for the construction of a new 72” cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe, approximately 12,200 LF in length, across Victoria Island, from the tie-in point to the new Victoria Canal Intake & Pump Station. The pipeline crossed under agricultural ditches that had to remain in service at all times and required protection of the agricultural soils along the route. Installation of a casing was necessary for the pipeline beneath Old River using micro-tunnel construction methods and a tie-in to the existing 78” diameter Old River Pipeline immediately adjacent to the micro-tunnel launch shaft at the District’s Old River Pump Station site. The work further included a temporary construction access road along the pipeline alignment, pipeline appurtenances, flow isolation and control facilities at each side of the micro-tunnel and air-vacuum release valves along the pipeline alignment, and an entire cathodic protection system.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Water Transmission,
Client Type: Contra Costa Water District, Municipalities,