Water System Transmission

Amador County, CA


Amador Water Agency


Kennedy / Jenks Consultants

Construction Manager:

Amador Water Agency

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Project Description:

Work included construction of a new, approximately 9 mile, 30-inch diameter raw water pipeline (cement mortar lined & coated steel pipe) from Lake Tabeaud to Tanner Reservoir. Water from Lake Tabeaud, a PG&E owned and operated reservoir, gravity flowed into the new pipeline through a screened intake structure located within the lake. The intake screen support structure was installed on and supported by the lake bed with a portion to be bored and jacked under the existing spillway. Open cut excavation method was used to construct the 30-inch pipeline, with the exception of the Lake Tabeaud intake, two aerial crossings, and three bore and jack crossings.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Water Transmission,
Client Type: Amador Water Agency, Municipalities,