Avenues 1-3 Sewer & Water Replacement


City of San Bruno


City of San Bruno

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City of San Bruno

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Project Description:

The work on this project involves the construction of 7,200 lineal feet of 12 and 8-inch diameter water main by open-cut construction. Removing and replacing 4,700 feet of 6 to  12-inch diameter sewer with 8 to 12-inch sewer by open-cut method and constructing 2,000 feet of 8, 10, and 12-inch HDPE main by open-cut construction.

Rehabilitating approximately 1,200 feet of 6-inch sewer by cured in place pipe (CIPP), reinstating laterals, installing “top hat” connections.  Abandoning approximately 12,200 feet of existing water mains and removing approximately 2,000 feet of existing sewer.

Also, installing new sanitary sewer manholes, new fire hydrants, Combination Release and Vacuum Valves and backflow preventers.

Project Information:

Status: Current
Category: Sewer Transmission, Water Transmission,
Client Type: City,