Citywide Sewer & Water Rehabilitation

Pittsburg, CA


City of Pittsburg


City of Pittsburg

Construction Manager:

City of Pittsburg

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Project Description:

The work of this Contract included sewer main and sewer lateral service installation, construction of new sewer manholes, rehabilitation of existing sewer manholes, construction of new water services, and removal and abandonment of existing sewer and water facilities. Specific work items include sawcutting and removal of pavement, excavation, sheeting, shoring and bracing, removal of sanitary sewer pipes and manholes, abandonment of sanitary sewer pipes and manholes, removal and abandonment of water services and water mains, flow control, excavation dewatering, sewer pipe, manholes, water pipe, installation of new sewers by open cut, slip lining and microtunneling methods, bedding and backfill of excavations, pavement base installation, asphalt paving, sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement, cleanouts, manhole rehabilitation, testing, surface restoration, and incidental work.
5,662 LF–8″ Sewer(Open Cut). 1,519 LF–10″ Sewer(Open Cut)

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Sewer Transmission, Water Transmission,
Client Type: City, Pittsburg,