Citywide Non-Potable Water Distribution System


City of Brentwood


City of Brentwood

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City of Brentwood

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Project Description:

This project involves the construction a new non-potable water booster pumping station with 1.8 MGD firm capacity, which includes, but is not limited to:

Off-site and on-site pump suction and discharge piping, three vertical turbine pump units, VFD’s, controls, valves and all other related mechanical and electrical components and a 700 sq. ft. reinforced concrete masonry pump station building. The provision of new site work including grading, paving, fencing, communication pole, equipment pads, and sewer connections.

The installation of approximately 1,750 feet of new 18-inch PVC pipeline by open-cut methods, 2,170 feet of new 12-inch Fusible-PVC by slip-lining within an existing 22-inch host pipe, 6,900 feet of new 16-inch Fusible-PVC pipeline by slip-lining within an existing 22-inch host pipe and installing 1,570 feet of new 16-inch PVC pipeline by open-cut methods.

Project Information:

Status: Current
Category: Water Transmission,
Client Type: City,