Clark Kerr Campus Utilities Upgrade

UCB Berkeley, CA


University of California Berkeley


CSW/Stuber Stroeh Engineers

Construction Manager:

University of California Berkeley

Contract Value:


Project Description:

Project consisted of renovation and new construction of fire and domestic water systems, sanitary and storm drain systems, construction of a joint trench electrical and telecommunications ductbank system at the Clark Kerr Campus at the University of California, Berkeley. The work involved the installation of approximately 4,050 LF of 4” to 16” C900, HDPE, and DIP Pipe. It also involved the construction of 4,080LF of 4”, 6”, and 8” SDR26 and HDPE, and large precast utility vaults.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Dry Utilities, Sewer Transmission, Water Transmission,
Client Type: Private/CG, UC Berkeley,