Dingee Pipeline and Claremont Centre Aqueducts Replacement

Alameda County, CA


EBMUD Engineering & Construction Dept.


EBMUD Engineering & Construction Dept.

Construction Manager:

EBMUD Engineering & Construction Dept.

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Project Description:

Project consists of the installation of approximately 3,115 LF of 54-inch diameter CML&C Steel pipe, 2,220 LF of 30-inch diamter CML&C Steel pipe, 10,140 LF of 24-inch diameter CML&C Steel pipe, 565 LF of 8-inch diameter CML&C Steel pipe, 2,715 LF of 6 inch diameter CML&PC Steel pipe, 1,700 LF of 24 inch diameter HDPE pipe, 750 LF of 16-inch diameter HDPE pipe, 70 LF of 12-inch diameter HDPE pipe, 2930 LF of 8-inch diameter HDPE pipe, 2,290 LF of 2-inch HDPE pipe. Items include all appurtenances and fittings, providing traffic control measures, providing final pavement restoration, complete preparation for approximately 200 service transfers. Features include installation of two 3,000 gallon surge tanks, installing 3 EA 54” Gate Valves, installing 34 EA 12”-54” main line butterfly valves, installing four magnetic flow meters, installation of electrical wiring and complete final landscaping.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Structural Concrete, Water Transmission,
Client Type: East Bay Municipal District, Municipalities,