Folsom South Canal – Jack Tone Rd to Mokelumne River


EBMUD Engineering & Const Dept


EBMUD Engineering & Const Dept

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EBMUD Engineering & Const Dept

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Project Description:

Installation of approximately 36,450 feet of 72-inch diameter mortar lined and dielectric coated (ML&DCP) steel pipe, and fiber-optic conduit along the pipeline alignment, including one trenchless crossing: a 150 linear foot crossing under Highway 88. Installation of an AC mitigation and grounding system as shown on the drawings and as specified for the areas where the dielectric-coated Folsom South Canal Connection 72-inch pipeline is affected by Rancho Seco Bellota 230kV circuit #1 and circuit #2 transmission lines, the EBMUD Camanche 115kV transmission tap along Liberty Road, and 12kV distribution lines along Liberty Road. Delivery of excavated materials was made to the Camanche Pumping Plant site at Camanche Reservoir, and related required work located in San Joaquin County, California.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Water Transmission,
Client Type: East Bay Municipal District, Municipalities,