FY 2016/17 Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation


Ross Valley Sanitary District


Harris & Associates

Construction Manager:

Vali Cooper & Associates

Contract Value:


Project Description:

Replacement of 5,600 LF of the existing gravity sanitary sewer pipelines by open-cut, 10,000 LF of pipe bursting, 830 LF of horizontal direction drilling, and 25,600 LF of cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation. Work also included pipe sag repairs, replacing laterals, grout sealing laterals, disconnecting and reinstating lateral connections, abandoning existing sewer pipelines and manholes, removing existing lampholes, cleanouts and manholes, constructing new manholes and rehabilitating manholes. Work involved difficult ‘to get to’ locations all over Marin County.

Project Information:

Status: Current
Category: Sewer Transmission,
Client Type: Municipalities, Ross Valley Sanitation District,