Mission Bay Utilities & Distribution – Phase 2

Phases 1 & 2 (M5439F) Mission Bay Civil & CUP Utilities, Surface Improvements In Support Of 19A (M8448) UCSF – San Francisco, CA


UCSF Capital Programs & Facilities Management


UCSF Capital Programs & Facilities Management

Construction Manager:

UCSF Capital Programs & Facilities Management

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Project Description:

This project was actually two adjacent projects awarded as one, as described below:

M5439F- All construction services required for the replacement of the damaged direct bury, high temperature, hot water, steam and chilled water utility piping distribution systems passing through mechanical manholes extending from UCSF Missions Bays Rock Hall Building to the Helen Diller Building. Construction of major manhole modifications or replacements including mechanical equipment installations, electrical power, communications and control work, Joint Trench. Replace paving, curbs, gutter and sidewalk areas, and walkways demolished for installation of new piping distribution system. Coordinate with all local and state agencies as necessary.

M 8448- All construction services required for the construction of underground civil and mechanical piping, new roadways, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and surface improvements including sidewalks, street lighting, street trees and irrigation. Site location was on Nelson Rising Lane from Fourth St to 30 feet west of Fifth St and Fifth St from Gene Friend Way to Mission Blvd, and running utilities on to Building 19A, site bounded on the north by Nelson Rising Lane, on the east by Existing Building 19B, on the south by Gene Friend Way, and on the west 5111 St.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Dry Utilities, Hydronic Systems,
Client Type: Private/CG, UCSF,