Old Town Pipeline Improvements Project


Ironhouse Sanitary District


V.W. Housen & Associates

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Project Description:

This project consists of approximately 7,500 lineal feet of open cut replacement of existing 8-inch and smaller VCP sewer with SDR-26 PVC sewer, and  approximately 2,000 lineal feet of open cut replacement of existing 6-inch sewer and 250 lineal feet of 15 inch sewer.

Work includes construction, replacement and modification of sanitary sewer manholes, potholing and preservation of existing utilities, pre and post construction video inspection of sewers, sheeting, shoring, and bracing of excavations, maintaining and bypassing of sewage flows and the reconnection of 170 sewer laterals.

Project Information:

Status: Current
Category: Sewer Transmission,
Client Type: Municipalities,