San Antonio Backup Pipeline

Sunol, CA


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


SFPUC Engineering and Design Bureau

Construction Manager:

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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Project Description:

Work is described as installation of approximately 6,600 feet of 66-inch diameter of welded steel pipe located along the west side of Calaveras Road from the Alameda Siphons on the south to the edge of the SMP-24 quarry pit on the north. Prime features include installation of 4 EA 66” Butterfly Valves, 4 EA 60” Butterfly Valves, 1 EA 54” Ball Valve, 2 EA 20” Wafer Check Valves, 66” Multipath Flowmeter, an 8,000 Gallon Calcium Thiosulfate Tank plus 2 waste tanks, a chemical building complete with all associated piping, 2 Chlorine Analyzer stations, a Quarry Pit Dewatering Pump System and Erosion Protection. The project also includes an open cut crossing of the San Antonio Creek channel, discharge structure, cutoff wall, pipe and appurtenances. This SFPUC project is to be performed in Alameda County CA.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Structural Concrete, Water Transmission,
Client Type: City, San Francisco,