Southern Loop Pipeline

Castro Valley and San Ramon, CA


EBMUD Engineering & Construction Dept.


Kennedy / Jenks Consultants

Construction Manager:

EBMUD Engineering & Construction Dept.

Contract Value:


Project Description:

The project consisted of 28,700 L.F. of 36″”, 19,800 L.F. of 30″”, and 8,100 L.F. of 42″” cement mortar lined and tape wrapped steel pipe including appurtenances and fittings. 2,200 L.F. of 60” cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe, including construction of an approximately 1,800 foot long tunnel with an approximate diameter of 9 feet. The project also included a rate control station and flow metering station with underground reinforced concrete vaults, one approximately 30’ by 30’ by 15’ deep, containing valves and control equipment, one approximately 12’ by 12’ by 12’ deep, which contained flow measuring equipment, electrical control and instrumentation interfaces, along with interconnected piping and appurtenances between all and the existing district piping.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Water Transmission,
Client Type: East Bay Municipal District, Municipalities,