Freedom T1 Phase 1 – Site Utility Chilled Water Loop

Project consisted of two laboratory/office buildings (160,000 sq. ft. each), and one amenities building (40,000 sq. ft.) totaling 360,000 square feet. The scope of work included Domestic, Fire and Chilled Water. The project also was targeted to receive LEED Gold Certification.

Mission Bay Block 23A Site Utility Loop and Connections

Project includes the construction of the site utility loop extensions from the existing utility loop termination connections outside of UCSF’s Rock Hall Building to the new connections outside the new Block 23A Neurosciences Research Building to support the new building utility demand. Scope of work is for the installation of civil utilities to within 5’ of the Block 23A building. Work will include but not limited it to, the demolition of existing landscaping and site work, excavation and trenching. Scope of work also includes but not limited to the installation of Manhole Vaults, Chilled Water, Steam, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drain, Fire Water, Domestic Water, Electrical Ductbanks, Telecom Ductbanks and Generator relocation. Final phase of work will be backfilling trench, finish grade and install new site work, asphalt paving and landscaping.

Student Recreation Center Infrastructure Utilities – No. 4

This project included utilities and hardscape for the San Jose State University’s new Student Recreation and Aquatic Center. Underground utilities included chilled and hot water service and return, domestic water, fire water, reclaimed water for plumbing and irrigation, storm drain, sanitary sewer, and steam and condensation. Also included was potholing, excavation, traffic control, concrete sidewalks and curbs, AC paving, and landscaping.

Lincoln Centre Biotech Campus

Project consisted of the initial removal of existing utility lines in preparation for erection of a new multipurpose Biomedical Campus. Subsequent installation of 3,000 LF of fire water, 1,500 LF of domestic water, 1,100 LF chilled supply and return hydronic water lines, 3,000 LF of sewer utilities & 12,000 LF of an extensive storm drain system which included 35 (EA) bio-retention ponds. The projects proximity to the Bay & corrosivity of the soil resulted in the installation of 32 (EA) settlement vaults at utility connection points to the buildings and an expansive cathodic protection & dewatering system.

Genentech Upper And Mid Campus

This project included the installation of 1,100LF of joint trench with 2 each 14″ insulated chilled hydronic water lines and 1 each 4″ recycled CPVC water line.

Homestead High School Boiler Room Modifications & Boiler Replacement

Fremont Union High School needed to replace their entire central infrastructure. This required some intricate timing hurdles to work while students were not on campus.
This project included the demolition and removal of the existing boilers that had severely aged and were leading to the failure of the pipeline infrastructure. After removal, Ranger installed replacement skid-type boilers in the central boiler room along with temporary capturing devices for any sediment that was circulating within the aging infrastructure. Pre-Construction services, project management, general conditions, boiler replacements

Homestead High School Utility Infrastructure

Fremont Union High School needed to replace their entire central infrastructure. This required some intricate timing hurdles to work while students were not on campus.
The project included tying together classroom heating and cooling systems in various classroom buildings and conveyance to the central boiler room. It included some rerouting of buried and above ground fire systems, domestic water, hydronics, and also included dry utilities for switching, electrical and other systems.

Wheeler Condensate Steam Pipe Replacement

This project was located at UCB Wheeler campus. Replacement was required for steam lines in a single trench. Configurations were 2 – 10″ and 1 – 6″ or 1 – 8″ direct buried pre-insulated steam pipes, modifications to valves and structures, light pole relocation, curb work

SJSU Campus Village – Phase 2

South East Quadrant of SJSU: Sawcut and remove paving, concrete, base, soil, etc. necessary to demolish and remove existing wet and dry utilities. Locate, excavate, and shore for demolition of existing utility lines, to make room for new rerouting of all utilities surrounding the new campus building. New systems including: chilled and steam water systems with pre-insulated pipelines, new manholes/vaults, sump pump system in manholes, Reclaimed water lines, Domestic Water, Irrigation Water, Storm Drain Lines, Water Well Attachments and Auxiliaries, electrical and telecommunication duct banks and structures.

Genentech B05 to B07 Piping

This Design / Build project was for additional process piping at Genentech South San Francisco campus between Buildings 5 and 7. It included installation of above ground and pre-insulated underground 10″ refrigerated water pipe, 4” Glycol transmission pipes, 3” Stainless steel compressed air line, 1.5” communication conduit, pipe support systems, installation of a controls system, and demolition of existing chillers.