22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project

The 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project includes rerouting the 22 Fillmore transit line from Potrero Hill such that it continues along 16th Street and terminates at Mission Bay.

To facilitate this reroute, new Overhead Contact System (OCS) infrastructure and traction power ductbank will be installed. In addition, transit bulbs and transit boarding islands will be constructed to enable more efficient passenger boarding and alighting. Pedestrian bulbs, raised crosswalks, and curb ramps will be constructed to enhance pedestrian safety. Traffic signals and traffic signal communication infrastructure will also be added or upgraded. Other project scope includes streetscape, streetlight, and roadway rehabilitation improvements.

In order to provide minimal overall disruption to the public, the 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project will incorporate other planned projects on 16th Street. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has incorporated its water and sewer main replacement scope in this Project.

Griffith Yard Improvements

This project’s main objective was to build a new waste transfer station, maintenance bay, and offices for the existing maintenance vehicles to dispose of their liquid contents at the end of the shift.
In order to facilitate that objective, it was necessary to begin with site preparation tasks such as rough grading, fine grading, asphalt concrete paving, concrete paving, curb installation, landscaping, pavement painting, signage, lighting, fencing, among other tasks. This included excavations for the waste decanting station, utility trenches, bio-retention basins, various foundations, Sewer Operations training facility, fencing, and other tasks. Excavations required dewatering at roughly elevation 0. Utility installations were required for electrical power, sewer, potable water, storm drains, communications, and security systems.
Also included were relocation, assembly, and modification of existing portable trailers including preparation of the existing plumbing (sewer and water) for habitable use, commissioning existing HVAC system, installation of communications and audio/visual equipment, security system, electrical power, a prefabricated structure to serve as a new vehicle maintenance building, and building exterior deck.

Dale Avenue Pump Station Wet Well Rehabilitation

This project included the demolition and removal of the existing sewer control structure concrete roof, appurtenances within the control structure and wet wells, and all electrical conduits, hydraulic lines, brackets, and other items associated with existing Slide Gates 1 through 6. It was necessary to construct bypass piping and pumping in order to facilitate the cleaning of the sewer pump station wet wells prior to rehabilitation, which included the coating of two wet wells and control structure. After the new coating was applied, it was necessary to install new FRP grating and support system in the control structure, new safety chain system in each wet well, five new slide gates, and permanent plug at existing Slide Gate 4. Also included was the construction of a new concrete roof for control structure and installation of four new roof access hatches, along with dewatering and construction of all temporary shoring systems required to complete the work.

Southgate Neighborhood Storm Drain Improvement & Green Street

This project required the installation of 460LF of 12″ HDPE storm drain pipe, 3,194 LF of bioretention facilities, 3,152LF of permeable interlocking concrete pavement, 721LF of aggregate column, 1,050LF of 4″ Type A Vertical curb and gutter, 7 concrete curb ramps, and 335LF of concrete valley gutter.