Water Pollution Control Plant: Site Preparation Project

The Donald M. Somers Water Pollution Control Plant is an advanced wastewater treatment facility where wastewater from residences and businesses in Sunnyvale flows for treatment before being discharged to the San Francisco Bay. Originally constructed in 1956, the Plant is one of the oldest wastewater treatment facilities on the West Coast. In 2014, the City began construction on upgrades that are part of a 20-year improvement program to bring much-needed repairs to the Plant and accommodate new regulations and technology. Ranger Pipelines are proud be involved in the upgrading of these facilities due to their importance to the surrounding area.

The Site Preparation Project involves a comprehensive upgrade of the Plant’s underground piping including but not limited to the installation of 54” FRPMP Secondary Effluent pipe via open cut and microtunneling, the installation of 24” to 66” FRMP via open cut method at depths of up to 23ft. and the installation of large diameter 72” RCPP storm drains. The construction of 48” to 72” polymer concrete manholes and large precast polymer vault structures.

Extensive sewer bypassing has to be implemented in order to keep the facility operating throughout construction and avoid any environmental damage. There is also significant demolition work to be done on the existing facilities including the Primary Sedimentation Tank and Primary Control Building in order to make way for the construction of the new Service Building and modular offices. The demo work requires a significant amount of deep shoring with sheet piles. The project also involves extensive landscaping and surface restoration in and around the site.

The scope of work in this project which combines large diameter pipe installation and deep shoring with a comprehensive and technical facilities improvement, requires an industry leader with a proven track record of completing projects of this scale and level of difficulty. Ranger Pipelines are dedicated to undertaking complex projects that have positive environmental impacts.

Earhart Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements

This project involves the removal of existing gravity sewer and replacement with 18” HDPE by open cut method. Pipebursting existing 15-inch sewer with 20-inch HDPE, rehabilitating a 15” sewer with the CIPP (cured in place pipe) method and the installation of sanitary sewer manholes and cleanouts.

Nunes Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Project

The Nunes Water Treatment Plant is one of two plants that serve the scenic town of Half Moon Bay. The Plant treats 4.5 MGD. This project involves critical upgrades which will allow the plant to keep up with increased demand. Some of the work that is included but not limited to:

Civil Site Improvements including the construction of asphaltic concrete pavement, excavation and regrading of existing hillside to construct a retaining wall and plate settler sedimentation basin. Construction of a soil nail retaining wall with stained concrete finish, construction of an aggregate base access road. Drainage improvements including surface ditches, storm water drains and foundation drains. Site grading improvements, new fire hydrant on the raw water pipe.

Plate Settler Sedimentation Basin. Construction of new concrete plate settler basin, influent and effluent piping, installation of Plate Settler and Sludge Control System.

Filtration System Improvements. Underdrain replacement, filter media replacement, addition of media air scour system including horizontal centrifugal blower. Addition of Filter-to-Waste pumps and piping. Existing filter system valve replacement and addition of new valves. New flowmeters downstream of the filters.

Caustic Soda Bulk Tank System. New Caustic soda chemical storage tank, new skid mounted transfer pump and an emergency shower and eye wash assembly.

Clearwell exterior and interior concrete repair and new elastomeric polyurethane coating.

South Orinda Sewer Renovations Phase 8

The work in this project consists of renovation of approximately 5,100 LF of sewer pipe by open-cut and pipe-bursting method.

Replace and rehabilitate approximately 5,100 feet of primarily 6-inch clay sewers with HDPE and PVC. Construct manholes, and other related work within city rights-of-way and private easements.

Three aerial sewer creek crossings will be replaced and work will be coordinated with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and California Water Boards. Some of the existing sewers are deep (greater than 10 feet) and with manholes that reach 20 feet in depth. To minimize disruption and impacts to the neighborhoods, staff designed some of the sewers, to be replaced by a pilot tube guided boring (PTGB) method.

Freedom Sewer Rehabilitation Project Phase 1

The Freedom Sewer Rehabilitation Project includes replacement of approximately 5-miles of existing wastewater collection lines located predominately within existing paved roadways in residential neighborhoods. The project is divided into five improvement locations within the FCSD service area.

Phase 1 of this project involves the removal and replacement of approximately 8,840 lineal feet of 6 to 12 inch clay sanitary sewer pipe in the Buena Vista area north of the Watsonville Airport, and upsizing approximately 3,750 lineal feet of sewer main in Green Valley Road. The work also includes the removal and replacement of approximately 3,000 lineal feet of asbestos-cement sewer pipe and upsizing 720 additional lineal feet in Green Valley Road.              

Sewer Collection System Master Plan 3, 4, 5, & 8

The work includes the construction of sanitary sewer facilities at multiple locations requiring a combination of pipebursting and open trench methods to upsize a 15” gravity sewer with 18” HDPE. Also, the replacement of manholes with new manholes and one drop sewer manhole; and rehabilitating existing manholes via recoating.

Replacing existing 6″ and 8” gravity sewer with new 8″ HDPE by pipebursting, constructing one new 6″ sewer collector, including one new manhole and two new cleanouts to collect sewage from six existing sewer laterals.

Constructing new 8″ PVC gravity sewer and reconnecting existing laterals as well as completing all associated street surface improvements.

Avenues 1-3 Sewer & Water Replacement

The work on this project involves the construction of 7,200 lineal feet of 12 and 8-inch diameter water main by open-cut construction. Removing and replacing 4,700 feet of 6 to  12-inch diameter sewer with 8 to 12-inch sewer by open-cut method and constructing 2,000 feet of 8, 10, and 12-inch HDPE main by open-cut construction.

Rehabilitating approximately 1,200 feet of 6-inch sewer by cured in place pipe (CIPP), reinstating laterals, installing “top hat” connections.  Abandoning approximately 12,200 feet of existing water mains and removing approximately 2,000 feet of existing sewer.

Also, installing new sanitary sewer manholes, new fire hydrants, Combination Release and Vacuum Valves and backflow preventers.

Old Town Pipeline Improvements Project

This project consists of approximately 7,500 lineal feet of open cut replacement of existing 8-inch and smaller VCP sewer with SDR-26 PVC sewer, and  approximately 2,000 lineal feet of open cut replacement of existing 6-inch sewer and 250 lineal feet of 15 inch sewer.

Work includes construction, replacement and modification of sanitary sewer manholes, potholing and preservation of existing utilities, pre and post construction video inspection of sewers, sheeting, shoring, and bracing of excavations, maintaining and bypassing of sewage flows and the reconnection of 170 sewer laterals.

Airport-Larkfield-Wikiup Sanitation Zone Larkfield Estates Collection System

This project included the construction of 8,600 feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer main, approximately 800 feet of 6-inch sewer main, and approximately 900 feet of 2-inch low-pressure sewer main. The work also includes installation of basins to serve four individual parcels and the abandonment or removal of approximately 400 feet of existing sewer main.    

Cyclic Sewer Phase 14

OWNER: City of Alameda                                             

ENGINEER: City of Alameda


CONTRACT VALUE: $3,680,494


The project involved replacing 8,400LF of existing sanitary sewer with 8″ SDR 26 pipe, 300LF with 10″ SDR 26, and 300LF with 6″ SDR 26 pipe by open trench method. We also replaced 400LF of existing sanitary sewer with 10″ HDPE pipe, 2,500LF with 8″ HDPE pipe, and 500LF with 6″ HDPE pipe by pipe bursting method. Replaced 10,500LF of 4″ sewer laterals. Installed 350 4″ 2-way Kelly cleanouts, installed 33 manholes, and reconstructed sidewalk and roadway.