NCPA Geothermal General Secondary Containment

Construction and installation of containment basins with sump at Sites C and F of the Project Facility, included installation of pipe supports, preparation of the areas, mobilization and demobilization of equipment, plant facilities, personnel and temporary facilities during prosecution of the work, and clean up.

Peninsula Pipelines Seismic Upgrade

This project is located at five separate sites identified as located in Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, and San Bruno.
Work includes approximately 920 LF 61” San Andreas Pipeline (SSBPL) Pipe at the Millbrae Site, 1,150 LF 54” SAPL2 Pipe at the San Bruno South Site, 1,000 LF 66” SAPL3 Pipe at the San Bruno South Site, 700 LF 54” SAPL2 Pipe at the South San Francisco Site, 700 LF 54” SAPL2 Pipe at the Colma Site. In addition concrete encasement of the SSBPL is required and described as: 150 LF of the 61” SSBPL Pipe at the Millbrae Site, 130 LF of the 54” SAPL2 Pipe at the San Bruno South Site, 130 LF of the 66” SAPL3 Pipe at the San Bruno South Site. All five major sites include demolition, site clearing, Corrosion Protection, Turnout Vaults, mechanical and turnout piping, Roadway Restoration and Improvements.

San Antonio Backup Pipeline

Work is described as installation of approximately 6,600 feet of 66-inch diameter of welded steel pipe located along the west side of Calaveras Road from the Alameda Siphons on the south to the edge of the SMP-24 quarry pit on the north. Prime features include installation of 4 EA 66” Butterfly Valves, 4 EA 60” Butterfly Valves, 1 EA 54” Ball Valve, 2 EA 20” Wafer Check Valves, 66” Multipath Flowmeter, an 8,000 Gallon Calcium Thiosulfate Tank plus 2 waste tanks, a chemical building complete with all associated piping, 2 Chlorine Analyzer stations, a Quarry Pit Dewatering Pump System and Erosion Protection. The project also includes an open cut crossing of the San Antonio Creek channel, discharge structure, cutoff wall, pipe and appurtenances. This SFPUC project is to be performed in Alameda County CA.

Dingee Pipeline and Claremont Centre Aqueducts Replacement

Project consists of the installation of approximately 3,115 LF of 54-inch diameter CML&C Steel pipe, 2,220 LF of 30-inch diamter CML&C Steel pipe, 10,140 LF of 24-inch diameter CML&C Steel pipe, 565 LF of 8-inch diameter CML&C Steel pipe, 2,715 LF of 6 inch diameter CML&PC Steel pipe, 1,700 LF of 24 inch diameter HDPE pipe, 750 LF of 16-inch diameter HDPE pipe, 70 LF of 12-inch diameter HDPE pipe, 2930 LF of 8-inch diameter HDPE pipe, 2,290 LF of 2-inch HDPE pipe. Items include all appurtenances and fittings, providing traffic control measures, providing final pavement restoration, complete preparation for approximately 200 service transfers. Features include installation of two 3,000 gallon surge tanks, installing 3 EA 54” Gate Valves, installing 34 EA 12”-54” main line butterfly valves, installing four magnetic flow meters, installation of electrical wiring and complete final landscaping.

East Campus Utility Improvement

Scope of work includes but not limited to trenching, excavation, shoring, installation of new 6′ square box culvert, two (2) new deep cast junction box structures, steam and condensate lines, electrical and communication ductbanks, water and fire main realignments, miscellaneous demolition, removal of concrete stairs and foundation wall, removal of 3 street lights and foundations, temporary and reconnection of existing street lighting along Girton Hall Road, extension of water-filled barrier around Girton Hall Road, additional dewatering for big inch excavation, additional construction site safety measures.