College Hill Reservoir Outlet Structure and Pipeline

The scope of work under this contract involves the construction of a new 36” welded steel outlet pipe to the College Hill Reservoir using trenchless construction methods, construction of new 36-inch diameter welded steel and 24-inch diameter earthquake resistant ductile iron (ERDIP) water transmission pipelines and miscellaneous ductile iron pipes.

Construction of a control valve vault housing 36-inch and 24-inch diameter pipe, isolation valves, mechanical HVAC equipment and electrical controls, replacement of reservoir roofing, installation of  new water quality monitoring equipment including new mechanical and electrical equipment and controls, construction of a new access road, drainage pipe, retaining walls, fencing, curb ramps and construction of site improvement and pavement restoration repairs.

Citywide Non-Potable Water Distribution System

This project involves the construction a new non-potable water booster pumping station with 1.8 MGD firm capacity, which includes, but is not limited to:

Off-site and on-site pump suction and discharge piping, three vertical turbine pump units, VFD’s, controls, valves and all other related mechanical and electrical components and a 700 sq. ft. reinforced concrete masonry pump station building. The provision of new site work including grading, paving, fencing, communication pole, equipment pads, and sewer connections.

The installation of approximately 1,750 feet of new 18-inch PVC pipeline by open-cut methods, 2,170 feet of new 12-inch Fusible-PVC by slip-lining within an existing 22-inch host pipe, 6,900 feet of new 16-inch Fusible-PVC pipeline by slip-lining within an existing 22-inch host pipe and installing 1,570 feet of new 16-inch PVC pipeline by open-cut methods.

Avenues 1-3 Sewer & Water Replacement

The work on this project involves the construction of 7,200 lineal feet of 12 and 8-inch diameter water main by open-cut construction. Removing and replacing 4,700 feet of 6 to  12-inch diameter sewer with 8 to 12-inch sewer by open-cut method and constructing 2,000 feet of 8, 10, and 12-inch HDPE main by open-cut construction.

Rehabilitating approximately 1,200 feet of 6-inch sewer by cured in place pipe (CIPP), reinstating laterals, installing “top hat” connections.  Abandoning approximately 12,200 feet of existing water mains and removing approximately 2,000 feet of existing sewer.

Also, installing new sanitary sewer manholes, new fire hydrants, Combination Release and Vacuum Valves and backflow preventers.

Wildcat Pipeline Improvement Berkley

This project requires furnishing and installing approximately 5,550 LF of 48″ mortar lined and coated steel (ML&CS) pipe. This new line will improve system reliability for customers. This also includes connection and appurtenance piping and valves, pavement resurfacing, curb, gutter, and sidewalk restoration, and performing related required work located in Bancroft Way, Ellsworth Street, and Stuart Street in Berkeley, California.

Oak, 98th and Sequoia Rate Control Stations Rehab;


The work on this project involves retrofitting Oak and Sequoia Rate Control Stations (RCS) in Hayward and Oakland, respectively, demolishing 98th Avenue RCS’s in Oakland, replacing University Pumping Plant (PP) in Berkeley, demolishing University Reservoir and constructing University Reservoir No. 2 in Oakland, and performing other related work to improve long-term system reliability and seismic resilience.

The existing pumps at University PP are about seventy years old and have reached the end of their expected service lives. Work under this project includes demolishing the existing University PP, constructing a new reinforced concrete PP at the site, installing a mechanical pump skid with two vertical turbine pumps and motors with associated piping, valves, and instruments, and constructing other site improvements.

The existing University Reservoir in Oakland will also be demolished and replaced. University No.1 Reservoir was constructed in 2016 as one of two replacement tanks. This project will construct the second tank, including the valve pits and associated piping. This project supports the District’s Long-Term Infrastructure Investment Strategic Plan goal.

North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program Turlock Component

Construct approximately 7.2 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline and appurtenances, 3 microtunnels, roadway restoration, a flow meter vault, flow control vault, and associated mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment.

Freedom T1 Phase 1 – Site Utility Chilled Water Loop

Project consisted of two laboratory/office buildings (160,000 sq. ft. each), and one amenities building (40,000 sq. ft.) totaling 360,000 square feet. The scope of work included Domestic, Fire and Chilled Water. The project also was targeted to receive LEED Gold Certification.

Utility Relocations – Workday Inc

Project involved installation of site utilities for a new commercial campus development. Work occurred concurrent with building construction and involved significant co-ordination with other trades. Utilities installed were water, sanitary sewer and storm drain systems.

Mission Bay Block 23A Site Utility Loop and Connections

Project includes the construction of the site utility loop extensions from the existing utility loop termination connections outside of UCSF’s Rock Hall Building to the new connections outside the new Block 23A Neurosciences Research Building to support the new building utility demand. Scope of work is for the installation of civil utilities to within 5’ of the Block 23A building. Work will include but not limited it to, the demolition of existing landscaping and site work, excavation and trenching. Scope of work also includes but not limited to the installation of Manhole Vaults, Chilled Water, Steam, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drain, Fire Water, Domestic Water, Electrical Ductbanks, Telecom Ductbanks and Generator relocation. Final phase of work will be backfilling trench, finish grade and install new site work, asphalt paving and landscaping.

Upgrade Downtown Project

Upgrades and modernization of traffic signals, streetscape and underground utilities along University Ave in Palo Alto. Work included the installation of water and gas mains, electrical and fiber optic infrastructure, flatwork and curb ramps, way-finding signage, roadway construction and traffic signal systems.