Over 40 Years of Experience in Heavy Underground Infrastructure

With over 40 years of experience, Ranger Pipelines has had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects throughout Northern California for a variety of clients. From these projects, we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are proud to share with others. Our projects not only highlight our expertise and capabilities, but also tell the stories behind the work we do. We invite you to explore our featured projects and learn more about what sets us apart in the construction and pipeline industry.

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Southern Loop Pipeline

The Southern Loop Pipeline is approximately 11 miles long, extending between the city

Regional Groundwater Storage

The concept of groundwater storage and recovery consists of storing water

Recycled Water Infrastructure Expansion – Phase 1A

The project consisted of installing approximately 50,600LF of new 20″, 16″, 12″, 8″ and 6″ recycled water

Penitencia Delivery Main & Force Main Retrofit

The objective of this project was to perform a seismic retrofit of the Penitencia Delivery Main

Peninsula Pipelines Seismic Upgrade

In 2002, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) launched a $4.8 billion water system

Ophir Road Pipelines

The work involved a massive street-wide excavation and replacement for multiple pipelines at several locations

North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program Turlock Component

DPWD, along with Partnering Agencies (City of Modesto and City of Turlock), developed the NVRRWP

Mission Bay Utilities & Distribution – Phase 2

M5439F- All construction services required for the replacement of the damaged direct bury, high temperature, hot water

Mission Bay Utilities & Distribution – Phase 1

This project provided steam, condensate, hot water supply and return, chilled water supply and return