Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Project Details

The Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit Project was a $309,000,000 improvement project which aimed to reduce traffic on one of San Francisco’s most heavily used North-South arteries with the ultimate aim of cutting MUNI riders travel times by up to thirty two percent.

In a collaborative effort with Walsh Construction, Ranger Pipelines worked to upgrade the area’s underground infrastructure. The work involved replacing the sewer and water mains and supporting existing AWSS facilities on the two mile stretch of Van Ness between Mission Street and Lombard Street.

This included the construction of a new 12” to 54” diameter sewer pipe, 6” or 8” side sewer connections, catch basins, manholes and bulkheads for connecting to existing brick sewer. In addition the project required the television inspection of existing and new sewer pipes and the Installation of new 4” to 24” diameter water pipe, screw taps and service saddles. Temporary and permanent trench pavement restoration and support work for existing AWSS facilities was also included in the project scope.

Project Info

Status: Current

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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency



San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency