Water Pollution Control Plant: Site Preparation Project

Project Details

The Donald M. Somers Water Pollution Control Plant is an advanced wastewater treatment facility where wastewater from residences and businesses in Sunnyvale flows for treatment before being discharged to the San Francisco Bay. Originally constructed in 1956, the Plant is one of the oldest wastewater treatment facilities on the West Coast. In 2014, the City began construction on upgrades that are part of a 20-year improvement program to bring much needed repairs to the Plant and accommodate new regulations and technology. Ranger Pipelines are proud to be involved in the upgrading of these facilities due to their importance to the surrounding area.

The Site Preparation Project involves a comprehensive upgrade of the underground piping of the Plant including but not limited to the installation of 54” FRPMP Secondary Effluent pipe via open cut and microtunneling, the installation of 24” to 66” FRMP via open cut method at depths of up to 23ft. and the installation of large diameter 72” RCPP storm drains. The construction of 48” to 72” polymer concrete manholes and large precast polymer vault structures.

Extensive sewer bypassing has to be implemented in order to keep the facility operating throughout construction and avoid any environmental damage. There is also significant demolition work to be done on the existing facilities including the Primary Sedimentation Tank and Primary Control Building in order to make way for the construction of the new Service Building and modular offices. The demo work requires a significant amount of deep shoring with sheet piles. The project also involves extensive landscaping and surface restoration in and around the site.

The scope of work in this project which combines large diameter pipe installation and deep shoring with a comprehensive and technical facilities improvement, requires an industry leader with a proven track record of completing projects of this scale and level of difficulty. Ranger Pipelines are dedicated to undertaking complex projects that have positive environmental impacts.

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City of Sunnyvale






Zone 7 Water Agency