Water System Transmission

Project Details

The Amador Transmission Pipeline is 8.4 miles in length and transports raw water from Lake Tabeaud to the pressure reducing station near the Tanner Water Treatment Plan (WTP).

Work included construction of a new, 30-inch diameter raw water pipeline (cement mortar lined & coated steel pipe) from Lake Tabeaud to Tanner Reservoir. Water from Lake Tabeaud gravity flowed into the new pipeline through a screened intake structure located within the lake. The intake screen support structure was installed on and supported by the lake bed with a portion to be bored and jacked under the existing spillway. Open cut excavation method was used to construct the 30-inch pipeline, with the exception of the Lake Tabeaud intake, two aerial crossings, and three bore and jack crossings.

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Status: Past

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Amador Water Agency



Amador Water Agency



Amador Water Agency