Crystal Springs Pipelines No. 2 – Replacement

Project Details

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission proposed to upgrade and replace portions of the Crystal Springs Pipeline No. 2 (CSPL 2), which extends from the Crystal Springs Pump Station at the base of Lower Crystal Springs Dam, through the Town of Hillsborough and the cities of San Mateo, Burlingame, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, Brisbane, Daly city, and into the City and County of San Francisco, terminating at the University Mound Reservoir in southeastern San Francisco. The improvements ensure the continued delivery of potable water to customers served by this pipeline in the event of a major earthquake.  The proposed CSPL 2 project  is one of the facility improvement projects that the SFPUC proposed to implement under the SFPUC’s Water System Improvement Program to meet system objectives and service goals. The improvements included pipeline rehabilitation and seismic retrofit activities at 15 sites and general improvements to protect the pipeline from corrosion and exposure at 4 locations and insulated flange joints at 31 locations along the CSPL2 alignment to further protect the pipeline from corrosion.

Ranger Pipelines replaced approximately 1.3 miles of Crystal Springs Pipelines No.2 (CSPL2) at 12 separate sites. Sliplined approximately 3.5 miles of CSPL2 along El Camino Real in the City of Millbrae and the City of Burlingame, and inside the PG&E Martin Station in the city of Daly city and the City of Brisbane. Relocated approximately 0.3 miles of CSPL2 in the city of South San Francisco. Reconfigured, removed and retrofitted pipe support piers at 2 San Mateo Creek crossing locations consistent with modified bridge design plans. Recoated, repainted and screened exposed CSPL2 pipeline at 6 locations. Installed and replaced the cathodic protection system at 9 sites and installed electrical isolation at 31 sites. 8,000 LF of 60″ diameter pipe. Sliplined 18,000 LF of 48″ pipe.

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Status: Past

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San Francisco Public Utilities Commission



SFPUC Engineering and Design Bureau



San Francisco Public Utilities Commission






This project was awarded the APWA AWARD – 2013 PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT OF THE YEAR AWARD – ENVIRONMENT CATEGORY – Projects of $25 million to $75 million Division.