Oak, 98th and Sequoia Rate Control Stations Rehabilitation

Project Details

The work on this project involved retrofitting Oak and Sequoia Rate Control Stations (RCS) in Hayward and Oakland, respectively, demolishing 98th Avenue RCS’s in Oakland, replacing University Pumping Plant (PP) in Berkeley, demolishing the University Reservoir and constructing University Reservoir No. 2 in Oakland, and performing other related work to improve long-term system reliability and seismic resilience.

The existing pumps at University PP were about seventy years old and had reached the end of their expected service lives. Work carried out by Ranger Pipelines included demolishing the existing University PP, constructing a new reinforced concrete PP at the site, installing a mechanical pump skid with two vertical turbine pumps and motors with associated piping, valves, and instruments, and constructing other site improvements.

The existing University Reservoir in Oakland was demolished and replaced. University No.1 Reservoir was constructed in 2016 as one of two replacement tanks. This project involved constructing the second tank, including the valve pits and associated piping. supporting the District’s Long-Term Infrastructure Investment Strategic Plan goal.

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Status: Past

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