Ophir Road Pipelines

Placer, CA


Placer County Water Agency


Placer County Water Agency

Construction Manager:

Placer County Water Agency

Contract Value:


Project Description:

The work was essentially a lump sum bid which included in several locations a massive street-wide excavation and replacement for multiple pipelines. The pipeline construction was tabulated and consisted of 4,923 LF of 60″ treated water pipeline, 4,676 LF of 45″ raw water pipeline, 285 LF of 42″, 39″ and 36″ raw water pipeline, 9,799 LF of 18″ treated water pipeline, 6,217 lF of 12″ treated water pipeline, 88 LF of 6″ and 4″ treated water pipeline. This included trenchless crossings of 1-80 and UPRR, three 60″ diameter steel casings, fiber optic conduit and manholes, outfall and crossing of Dutch Ravine, earthwork, twin 72″ corrugated metal pipes, concrete head walls, AC pavement, 50 LF of 4 foot by 6 foot reinforced concrete box culvert, channel improvements, SCADA flow monitoring system, aluminum slide gate, clearing, grubbing, tree removal, chain link fencing, concrete and asphalt concrete pavement replacement, US 40/Lincoln Highway CMU roadside monument, traffic control, SWPPP implementation and monitoring, coordination with local businesses, water system improvements and pump modifications at the Ophir Road Pump Station and corrosion control systems.

Project Information:

Status: Past
Category: Dry Utilities, Water Transmission,
Client Type: County, Placer County,